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Vroom 24 ft.

Vroom, The 3 Second Clean!​​

The first Quick Clean product you never have to put away!

It attaches to your central vacuum system and hides in the cabinets, pantries, closets or under counters.  Vroom is always ready, willing and able to clean up the daily messes in the time it takes to grab, pull and retract.

Vroom packs up to 24 feet of retractable hose into a sleek, durable case, no more than 3 inches wide!


Vroom 18 ft. Version  #9215  $104.95

3" Wide x 17.75" Deep x 15.5" High

Vroom 24 ft. Version  #9220  $136.45

3" Wide x 21.75" Deep x 15.5" High

Vroom 18 ft.