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Color - Black

​#6972-BG  $67.95

Color - Grey

​# 6971  $67.95

See for yourself how the handheld
RugRat turbine powerbrush saves
you time and effort by offering more
power and cleaning versatility. The
RugRat’s powerful vacuum suction
picks up pet hair and other dry messes quickly and easily, while providing edge-to-edge cleaning of all carpet types and fabrics. Plus, the compact design of the RugRat makes it simple to vacuum hard-to-reach areas, steps and stairways, car or boat interiors, and household furnishings and upholstery. Creating and maintaining a clean and healthy home is a breeze with the RugRat powerbrush.

                Healthy Living
• The compact 6" vacuum path and
lightweight design ensures quick and
effortless cleaning of steps, upholstery, auto interiors and
hard-to-reach areas.
• Provides the maximum cleaning power needed to easily pick up pet hair, lint, sand and other dirt.
• High-quality, durable construction for years of reliable service and optimum performance.
• Multi-port base plate has large channels that increase airflow and enhance suction for powerful edge-to-edge cleaning of carpets and fabrics.