80201A  Almond Door 2 Valve Kit

​$590.00  with Free Shipping

8438W White Door 4 Valve Kit

​$127.05  with Free Shipping

Universal Inlet Valve Installation Kits 

For Standard Universal Hoses

80201A  Almond Door 1 Valve Kit

​$295.00  with Free Shipping

5591W White Door 1 Valve Kit


8438A Almond Door 4 Valve Kit

​$127.05  with Free Shipping

5593W White Door 3 Valve Kit

​$103.95  with Free Shipping

Do-It-Yourself Installation Kits

7998W White Door 5 Valve Kit

​$163.80 with Free Shipping

5591A Almond Door 1 Valve Kit


7998A Almond Door 5 Valve Kit

​$163.80  with Free Shipping

80202W White Door 2 Valve Kit

​$590.00  with Free Shipping

Two Valve Chameleon

Retractable Hose Installation Kit

5593A Almond Door 3 Valve Kit

​$103.95  with Free Shipping

80201W White Door 1 Valve Kit

​$295.00  with Free Shipping

One Valve Chameleon

Retractable Hose Installation Kit

80ft. PVC Tubing  10 qty. 8ft. Lengths

Industry standard central vacuum pipe for seamless connections into central vacuum elbows/connection/fittings. Central vacuum pipe is thin, only 1/16" thick with a 2" outside diameter

​$95.00 per 10pc. Bundle.   

*Note: For FedEx Ground Delivery, Maximum order is 6 Bundles per order.

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*If purchasing in larger quantities, call for quote.